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Customized AI applications

What is Artificial intelligence?

Without getting too technical you could say that Artificial Intelligence, AI, is used to make software smarter and faster to accomodate to the users expectations.

AI applications are software programs that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. AI allows for machines to learn from new input, adjust to it and make new decisions without human interference.

Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Deep Learning are examples of sciences within AI.


Artificial intelligence is a core driver of innovation in the Industrial Revolution 4.0

What HaiTech can do for you

11 years of research in AI allowed us to collect expertise in many different subsets of AI. Using this experience we can design and create customized applications that helps you

  • automate processes
  • increase effectivity
  • save money
  • and more
Customized AI applications

Our method

We have a three-step method for designing and creating your AI-powered application.

Innovative ideas

Through a series of workshops we ask questions and gather ideas


Which ideas are feasible and within given time frame and budget?


We use agile development and rapid prototyping for quick results

There are things you know, things you think you know and then there is AI.

If you want to know how to take your company to the next step, contact the guys at HaiTech. They will tell you.

Mike Stuart

Head of Sales

Got a Question?

We are confident we can find a way for you to become more successful. Contact us and we will tell you all about it.